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Welcome to HESPS

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The Harvard Extension School Psychology Student Society (HES PSS)  is dedicated to fostering professional development, supporting networking opportunities, and promoting knowledge-sharing among students and individuals interested in psychology, neuropsychology, and neuroscience. All members of the Harvard community, as well as the general public, are welcome to participate in the society's events, which cover topics such as mental health, learning and behavioral conditions, and related Harvard courses, degrees, certificates, and events. HES PSS encourages members to actively engage in the group, share experiences and ideas, and ask questions.  

This society envisions a dynamic community of students, faculty, and professionals who can exchange information and insights about the field, courses, and research conducted at Harvard. In addition to hosting events with experts in the field, HES PSS plans to invite psychology professors to speak about their work and research and offer educational sessions on topics related to psychology and therapeutic methods for mental health.

HES PSS also hopes to raise awareness about the importance of proper research methods and promote multidisciplinary research that leverages psychology as a resource for other fields of study. Ultimately, HES PSS seeks to enhance the recognition of the contributions made by psychology to research and to provide a supportive community for all those interested in the field.

Membership Benefits

We have an impressive lineup of distinguished speakers scheduled to appear soon with information you won’t want to miss! Become a member (no fee) & follow us on our social media sites to stay informed about the latest events and opportunities available at Harvard Extension Student Psychological Society .


Benefits of HES PSS membership encompass an array of advantages including:

  • Being open to anyone interested in psychology, neuroscience, and related fields

  • Learning from the foremost professionals in the field and having an opportunity to pose questions

  • Acquiring knowledge about appropriate research techniques and research prospects

  • Participating in professional development, wellness, and mental health events

  • Gaining access to a community of individuals who share similar interests and aspirations

  • Contributing to the community by engaging in fundraising and volunteer activities

  • Accessing career opportunities and networking events

  • Discovering more about Psychology-related degrees, certificates, courses, and events offered at HES

  • Inclusive opportunities for the global community & international students 

Connect with US

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