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Kimia Grigoriev

Founder & President

Kimia is a Joint Degree Candidate at the HES, Harvard University. Although her studies at school are primarily focused on the fields of psychology and neuroscience, Kimia maintains a broad interest in many subjects. Her interest in a wide range of subjects is driven by her conviction that to fully comprehend how our world functions, we must consider and analyze the entire spectrum of knowledge. She firmly believes in the power of a multidisciplinary approach to education and research, and applies these methods in better understanding human behaviors, learning disabilities, and cancers. 

Additionally, she spends a considerable amount of time volunteering in programs related to education and scientific research. Her advocacy for brain cancer and childhood cancer research is unwavering, recognizing the vital role that research plays in advancing our understanding of these diseases. In recognition of her outstanding dedication to service, Kimia received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 from the Corporation for National & Community Service and the Office of the President of the United States. 

Along with her academic pursuits, she is a licensed nurse, inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, (STEAM) Educator, and Program Director and founder of . Additionally, Kimia's fascination with the evolution, function, and behavior of the human brain is one of her key areas of interest. She is also deeply passionate about animals and captivated by their intelligence and communication styles. In particular, Kimia is interested in exploring the intelligence and communication patterns of marine mammals. As an advocate for ocean conservation and the protection of marine life, she is committed to raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices to ensure a healthy future for our oceans. Through her work and research, Kimia is committed to empowering individuals and promoting a deeper understanding of the natural world.

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