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Laura Davidson

Deputy Director of Communications

Born in Virginia and raised in Southern California, Laura made her way to the middle to finish her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at Texas State University in 2005. After working in politics and laboratory science from 2006 to 2014, Laura took a much-needed gap year to reevaluate her direction. In Spring of 2016, she returned to school and started her journey to Harvard. With a few twists and turns, she unexpectedly sought some needed credits for a different program through HES. After her first two classes, she was in awe of the faculty and Harvard community and decided to pursue her ALM in Creative Writing in Literature. Laura completed that degree in March of 2023. With a long list of subjects that interest her, Laura is drawn to the HES Psychology Student Society due to her fascination with the mind and behavioral patterns. With an intent to practice criminal law as a prosecutor, psychology and sociology play a vital role in understanding what contributes to crime. She hopes to use her experience as a former board member of HESA and years of advising her college sorority to help HES PSS during its founding year.

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