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Laure Tobiasz Veltz

Director of Outreach

Laure is an ALM degree candidate in the field of Psychology at Harvard Extension School with a keen interest in the study of psychological trauma. She comes to this field after a decade-long career in the airline industry, growing skills in financial analysis, strategic planning, process improvements and partnership management. Now a yoga instructor, Laure focuses on teaching accessible and psychologically-sensitive practices, such as mindfulness, compassion and yoga nidrā. 

Teaching at a yoga studio attached to a psychotherapy center, Laure’s specialization led her to discover the neuropsychological mechanisms underlying adverse experiences. She has since pursued a certificate in traumatic stress studies with the Trauma Research Foundation, led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk. This training opened Laure’s eyes to the challenges and inequities that exist on the path to healing and she became passionate to understand how to dismantle these obstacles for the wellbeing and recovery of all.

In her spare time, Laure enjoys spending time with her cat, Melo, an orange-and-white domestic short-hair who adopted her and kindly accepted her in his home 😊

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