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Maya Bach

Director of Events

Hello, my name is Maya, and I am the Director of Events for Harvard ESPS. I am currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts in Psychology at Harvard Extension School, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University. During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to work with disconnected youth as part of a research initiative aimed at reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy in vulnerable populations. I also volunteered in the pediatric unit of an inpatient psychiatric hospital in NYC, where I created art with children suffering from emotional disturbances. Professionally, I taught special education for four years and gained firsthand experience in atypical development. I am passionate about working hands-on with students and am particularly interested in pediatric clinical psychology, neuropsychology, developmental psychology, and school psychology. My time at Harvard Extension School has been a transformative experience, and I have formed strong bonds with my professors. I am excited to be part of Harvard ESPS and look forward to attending talks and connecting with like-minded students who share my passion for psychology and education.

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