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Yoga from the Heart with Lupita Almuhana

In our second episode, "Yoga from the Heart," please join Harvard Extension Psychology Student Society President, Kimia Grigoriev, in a captivating conversation with Lupita Almuhana the instructor for Wellness Wednesday at HESPSS. Together, they celebrate International Day of Yoga and delve into Lupita's remarkable journey. Lupita's presence transcends her role as an instructor, as she embodies holistic well-being as a Harvard graduate, founder of Stressie Startup currently incubating at the Harvard Innovation Labs, and the visionary behind Heart-Ga. Her profound reflections on the transformative power of yoga resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impact on our listeners. Tune in to this inspiring episode that explores Lupita's personal journey, the healing potential of yoga, and how she channels her passion to empower others and make a positive impact on the community. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the importance of yoga as a pathway to self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

About the Instructor:

Lupita's wellness journey commenced at the young age of 14 when she discovered the profound impact of yoga and mindfulness. This initial encounter ignited an unquenchable passion within her to learn, grow, and share well-being practices with others. Throughout her transformative path, she embarked on global voyages, seeking wisdom from renowned yoga masters and accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lupita's dedication to making wellness accessible to all is evident through her donation of over 2,500 community hours and her creation of immersive retreats that have touched lives around the world.

Today, Lupita continues her unwavering commitment to well-being through various initiatives. Recently, she graduated from Harvard University Extension School, specializing in psychology with a focus on burnout and stress prevention, further enhancing her expertise in this crucial field. Moreover, Lupita is the visionary behind Yoga from the Heart, a purpose-driven company that collaborates with organizations and local communities to develop accessible and sustainable wellness programs, empowering individuals to thrive.

In this captivating episode, Lupita's vast experience and dedication to promoting wellness shine brightly through her inspiring stories and profound perspectives. As a practitioner, teacher, and advocate for community well-being, she stands as a true role model in the realm of yoga. With her remarkable expertise and unwavering passion, Lupita illuminates the transformative power of yoga beyond physical poses, inviting us to explore the boundless possibilities of well-being and self-discovery.

Summary of the Podcast:

Lupita took us on a captivating journey through her personal experiences with yoga, from its early introduction as a healing modality to her profound encounters in India. Her story beautifully showcased the profound impact of yoga on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Lupita's dedication to the practice and her passion for sharing its benefits with others were truly inspirational.

Discovering Yoga Amidst Adversity:

Lupita's journey with yoga began at the age of 14, when her mother introduced her to a yoga class as a means of finding solace from domestic abuse. This initial encounter with yoga served as an anchor during a challenging period in their lives. Lupita's emotional connection to yoga became evident as she described the transformative effect it had on her well-being. From that day forward, she dedicated herself to the practice, finding solace, healing, and personal growth.

Yoga Beyond Poses:

As Lupita's journey with yoga progressed, she delved deeper into its philosophical and spiritual aspects. Initially, her practice revolved around the physical postures and breath control. However, as she explored the power of mantras and immersed herself in the teachings of bhakti yoga, a practice of devotion, she realized that yoga extended far beyond the physical realm. Through the study of ancient Vedic texts and the exploration of concepts such as the eight limbs of yoga, she discovered the interconnectedness of yoga with ethics, morals, and one's sense of purpose.

Journeying to India:

Lupita's deep connection to yoga eventually led her to embark on a transformative journey to India. Seeking to experience the roots of yoga, she found herself drawn to the birthplace of this ancient practice. Landing in Mumbai without a concrete plan, Lupita embraced the importance of trust—a lesson she had learned through her yoga practice. Her travels took her to a retreat center in Goa, where she encountered a teacher who would become her guru. Over several months, she immersed herself in rigorous yoga training, experiencing the profound benefits of a daily routine rooted in movement, breath, and meditation.

Yoga's Impact on Well-being:

Drawing from her extensive experience, Lupita explained how yoga benefits overall well-being. The physical practice enhances strength, balance, and concentration. The mental and meditative aspects of yoga cultivate focus and awareness. Additionally, breath control techniques, known as pranayama, contribute to regulating the nervous system and promoting a sense of calm. Lupita shared personal stories highlighting the transformative power of yoga in managing stress and emotional processing. Yoga provided a safe space for emotional release and facilitated the release of tension held within the body, ultimately leading to emotional healing and enhanced resilience.

Yoga Retreats with a Purpose:

In a recent episode of the Harvard Extension Psychology Student Society's podcast, Lupita, a passionate yoga practitioner and founder of Heart-Ga yoga , shared her incredible journey of creating meaningful yoga retreats around the world. Lupita's dedication to her practice and her desire to make a difference in people's lives through yoga was truly inspiring.

During the conversation, Lupita emphasized the importance of incorporating Seva, or selfless service, into her retreats. She shared her personal experiences of volunteering at a refugee shelter and how it shaped her perspective on giving back to the community. Lupita's innate love for people and her belief in the power of yoga as a transformative practice fueled her desire to create retreats that not only offered physical and mental wellness but also served as a platform for making a positive impact.

Lupita's retreats are not just about indulging in a luxurious getaway; they are immersive experiences that blend the practice of yoga with acts of service. Lupita explained how she carefully selects retreat locations based on their potential for hosting meaningful experiences. She seeks places where she can connect with local communities, learn about their culture, and contribute to their well-being. Lupita's retreats have taken her to diverse destinations such as India, Bali, and Morocco, and each location has provided unique opportunities for giving back.

In India, Lupita partnered with a local organization and dedicated her time to volunteer at a Mother Teresa home, engaging in Seva by serving the less fortunate. In Bali, she organized activities that supported local farmers and collaborated with them to prepare meals using fresh produce. Lupita's commitment to Seva extended to Morocco, where she raised funds and collected school supplies for a remote mountain village, ensuring that children had access to education and a brighter future.

Lupita's approach to yoga retreats is rooted in the belief that true wellness encompasses not only individual growth but also the betterment of the world around us. By incorporating Seva into her retreats, Lupita invites participants to step outside their comfort zones, connect with local communities, and contribute to causes that make a tangible difference.

Furthermore, Lupita's dedication to accessibility and inclusivity shines through her commitment to offering affordable or even free yoga classes. She understands the financial barriers that can prevent individuals from experiencing the benefits of yoga and strives to create spaces where everyone feels welcome and empowered.

As the conversation concluded, Meghna, the Director of Communication for the Harvard Extension Psychology Student Society, expressed her admiration for Lupita's integration of Seva into her yoga retreats. She shared how growing up in India, she was exposed to the practice of yoga and the concept of Seva from an early age. However, Lupita's unique approach of blending Seva with yoga sparked her curiosity, and she sought Lupita's insights on how she developed this idea.

Lupita shared that her passion for Seva emerged naturally from her love for people and her desire to make a positive impact. Inspired by her own experiences and the belief that giving back is an essential part of her personal journey, she began incorporating Seva into her retreats. Lupita's focus on selfless service not only benefits the communities she engages with but also creates a transformative experience for retreat participants, allowing them to connect on a deeper level and truly embody the essence of yoga.

To delve deeper into Lupita's work and connect with her on various platforms, explore the following links:

  • Website: Visit Lupita's website at to learn more about her vision and initiatives.

  • Instagram: Follow Lupita on Instagram at yoga_fromtheheart for inspiring content and updates on her yoga journey.

  • Stressie Startup: Discover Lupita's innovative venture, Stressie Startup, by visiting their website at This all-in-one stress-management app aims to empower productive individuals with effective tools and techniques.

  • Instagram (Stressie Startup): Connect with Lupita's startup on Instagram at stressieapp to stay updated on their latest developments and stress-management resources.

Feel free to explore these links and gain further insights into Lupita's work, wellness practices, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The full podcast is now available on our Spotify channel and on our YouTube channel.


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