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Exploring the Future of Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Michael Levin: A Recap of the HES PSS Webinar

HES PSS had the privilege of hosting the extraordinary Dr. Michael Levin, a distinguished scientist and renowned developmental and synthetic biologist, for an exceptional event, "From Matter to Mind: Bioelectricity, Body Intelligence, and the Future of Regenerative Medicine."

Dr. Levin's research on development and regeneration in complex biological systems has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of interdisciplinary fields. You can watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel, & the video has been linked below.

During the event, attendees explored the latest advancements in bioelectricity, body intelligence, and the future of regenerative medicine. Dr. Levin emphasized the concept of collective intelligence, highlighting how our complex memories, credit assignment, and evolving goals shape us as a collective. His insights into the origins of anatomies and research on Kinematic Replication in Xenobots showcased biology's fascinating multiscale competency architecture.

The session delved into the realm of regenerative medicine, particularly the notion of anatomical control and goal-directedness in unconventional embodiments.

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, enabling participants to interact directly with Dr. Levin and gain deeper insights.

Psychology students can benefit significantly from Dr. Levin's work as it offers interdisciplinary perspectives and opens doors to new approaches to understanding complex biological processes and their implications for psychology and neuroscience.

Stay updated with Dr. Levin's groundbreaking advancements:

Tufts University Levin Lab:


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