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Grief Unveiled: Understanding, Supporting, and Nurturing Resilience

Join us for an enlightening and compassionate discussion on navigating grief, seeking solace, and extending support during life's most challenging moments.

Includes description of event along names of speakers

🗓️ Date: Saturday, March 9th

Time: 1 pm EST (10 am PST)

📍 Location: Online via Zoom webinar

In the loving memory of Elizabeth A. Bazan, cherished mother of Martie Faye, our esteemed Director of Audio Production at HES PSS, this event is a heartfelt dedication to all who have experienced the profound loss of a loved one. Together, let us cultivate understanding and resilience as we explore the multifaceted dimensions of grief with Dr. Cynthia Meyersburg & Panel of Experts. 

Dr. Meyersburg is a distinguished Scholar, Award-Winning Mentor, and Renowned Expert in Psychology. With a terminal M.S. in developmental psychology from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. from Harvard University, Dr. Meyersburg's research on false memory phenomena and unusual beliefs has earned her widespread recognition. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel's Curiosity series and is acclaimed for her mentorship and teaching at Harvard Extension School.

Esteemed Panel of Guest Speakers :

  • Father Peter Daly: Bringing spiritual insight and support.

  • Pam Albert, RN, BSN, CPTC, CBF: Seasoned Senior Director at Gift of Life Institute, contributing expertise in donation and transplantation.

  • Janie Acosta, RN, BSN: Accomplished Executive Director with Expertise in Assisted Living, Dementia Care, Home Health, and Hospice.

At HES PSS, our doors are wide open, extending a warm welcome to all. Whether you're a valued member of the Harvard community, a distinguished faculty member, an esteemed society participant, or someone seeking knowledge on the topic, your presence enhances the richness of our gatherings.

  • Participants can engage directly in conversations about our event through the immersive Zoom webinar platform.

  • Feel free to share your questions on the registration form beforehand or in real-time during the live session.

Your active participation enriches our dialogue and fosters a sense of community as we journey toward understanding and healing. We eagerly anticipate your insights and contributions to our shared exploration of grief and resilience. 

Can't attend live? 

No worries! The event will be recorded and made available on our YouTube page.


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